Why Preferred Benefits?

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Want to Really Save on Health Insurance? Don’t Look at Just Immediate Rates. Take Control of Your Employee Benefits With Long Term Integrated Strategies.

Most Employers Find Yearly Health Insurance Renewals Frustrating:

  • They feel they have no control, so the only way to “fight back” at renewal time is to shop their benefit plans.
  • Time spent in getting quotes, comparing plans and hoping this year’s cheapest selection will work out is exasperating, and only compounded by the hopeless feeling that next year they’ll get to do it all over again.
  • Renewal time reminds them of the feeling that the value of their commitment to employee benefits isn’t appreciated or fully understood.
  • Uncertainty in Washington over the future of health care; rules and regulations that must be met to be in “compliance”; no help…only the fear of penalties and fees…makes all wonder…

Isn’t there a better way?

Preferred Benefits helps employers take back a feeling of control by not just looking at your short term costs, but by helping you develop a long term strategy for savings.

  • Plan Design – At Preferred Benefits this goes much further than choosing a deductible. We work with you to design plans, and in some cases look at the myriad of choices for self-funding your health insurance, with an overall view of employee satisfaction and fiscal responsibility. You don’t have to accept “copycat quotes” to chase the best rate. We can help you design your best rate with effective plan design and numerous carriers for any size business.
  • Monitoring, Administration & Compliance – Changes from Washington, reporting for compliance and anticipating “what’s next” requires time you don’t have. Yet in the mountains of ever changing information are gems which can help save you money or keep you out of trouble. We keep you up to date and help you implement the latest advantages with an eye on “what’s next” for your stability.
  • Tax Advantages Savings – Unless you are a Fortune 500 with legions of suits scouring the IRS rulings, you are probably unaware of some of the things that can be implemented in regard to employee benefits – things that can substantially save you in taxes. We don’t just focus of health plans; we take a holistic approach to all possible savings where ever they can come from regarding your employee benefits.
  • Employee Liaison – Every agent at Preferred Benefits prides themselves on providing employee communication when it comes to new plans, new hires or explaining changes which benefit them. This not only builds an appreciation of what you are doing for them, but proper communication drives up participation rates and levels, which in the long run can save you money and taxes.

Yes, there are things you can do to cut costs, take control and enjoy long term savings. Work with us to develop your long term strategy. Let us look past just your health insurance and give you a straight forward analysis of how you can remove the focus from “renewal” and get back to running your business.

There is a lot to take in, some research to do and more than can be explained on a website. So why not schedule a “strategy session”? We’ll look at what you are currently doing and go over options that can save you money not just today but for the long term. No obligation, just good sense. Contact us!

Have you gotten your copy of “Cutting the Noose: Cutting Yourself Loose from the Chokehold of Benefit Costs”? It might just give you one of those “aha!” moments.