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We know you get calls all the time from agents wanting to quote your health insurance. We’d like that opportunity also, but if you’ve read a bit on this site you know we go way beyond just offering you a quote…we offer you a savings strategy.

So let’s do ourselves both a favor. Enter the little bit of information asked for in the form below and we PROMISE not to call you until your renewal approaches. About 90 days before we’ll call to schedule a strategy session – our way of sharing with you how you can save money on employee benefits by asking a few questions. We’ll then dig, research, craft and present your best options, plus guide you through so you can make the best and most informed decisions for your company. Get on our Tickler File! You’ll be tickled you did!

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We promise to not call you before the time is right, and we’ll never share, sell or rent your information with anyone…

Top Ten Reasons to Join Our Tickler File!

    1. No more calls from annoying insurance agents looking to make a fast buck.
    2. We have our own insurance dictionaries but have been highly trained to read them backwards so you get plain-talk explanations!
    3. We replaced our soup cans and string long ago so you get open, fast communication and great service! (Our agents think it’s cool that they don’t have to duck the strings anymore.)
    4. We have trained ferrets that rat out the savings in places you probably have never looked!
    5. Despite popular opinion, insurance agents do have a personality. Sign up and check us out!
    6. No need to go it alone.  We help fill out all those tedious forms.
    7. Valerie has a neat looking red phone on her desk with a direct line to Washington. She knows what’s going on with tax savings before the IRS does!
    8. We’re smart, good looking, and gosh darn it people like us!
    9. We offer all of the major carriers anyway, so you might as well sign up and tell every other agent who calls, “We got this!”
    10. Did we mention the savings?