The future of health insurance in Kentucky

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The future of health insurance in Kentucky
Health Insurance in Kentucky
Sometimes, you may encounter an emergency health issue while you are not financially prepared. In such situations, health insurance providers play a vital role. During the medical emergency, your health care insurance provider will step in to cover your medical expenses and other different medical needs.
Despite the importance of health insurance, most people live without insurance coverage. While high costs of insurance and unemployment are the major causes of under-insurance, you run a risk of remaining uninsured in such a time when the State is changing from state-managed insurance to
Kentucky has been running its exchange Kynect famously known as ObamaCare for a while. However, Governor Matt Bevin campaigned for the change from the state-run exchange to
In 2015, Kentucky’s health system was ranked at 40th position among other states in United States. This was an improvement from position 42 in 2014. The improvement was due to an increase in healthcare access. The percentage of uninsured adults decreased by 3% from the 16% recorded in 2014.
Just like most states, Kentucky State officials have been working to see that majority of its citizens are insured. For this reason, the state is seeking to move its citizens to, since it is thought to be a better health insurance provider. For this reason, the rate of uninsured people is likely to drop in coming years.
What to expect in 2017
In 2017, the number of uninsured people is expected to reduce substantially. Open enrollment to commenced on November 2016. is likely to improve health care access since most gaps in the Obamacare have been sealed.

Some of the changes that people should expect in include;
• An increase on subsidy eligibility levels
• Change of provider networks
• An increased out of pocket spending
• Reduced healthcare premiums
How to apply for health insurance through open enrollment
The 2017 open enrollment period started in 1st November 2016 and is expected to close on January 31, 2017. Those who wish to shift to the 2017 health insurance can only be allowed to apply within the open period.
However, a person may be given special consideration under the following conditions.
1. Loss of insurance coverage
You are legible to apply for the 2017 open enrollment if you lose your coverage policy within 60 days after the deadline. So, if you lose employer-based insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, you can be considered for a special enrollment period.
2. Change in Household
If you’re the number of your household changes after a member marries, gave birth or died, then you can qualify for the special enrollment period.
3. Relocation
You are eligible for special enrollment if you move from your residence. People relocating for study or work purposes can be considered for special admission. However, individuals who transfer for a vacation will not be considered for special enrollment.

What to do if you miss enrolling to
Given some circumstances, you may miss out to register into and still lose your medical insurance policy. This does not mean that you remain uninsured for the rest of the period till the next enrollment. You can still enroll to a privately managed insurance provider.
Besides providing health insurance, your private insurance provider will also give you additional coverage. With the private providers, one is likely to enjoy a more customer-centered service. During a consultation with a private provider, you will be helped to choose a better plan based on your needs. A private insurance provider can serve as a better option in this period when most people do not understand their insurance rights in the new