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How Employers Can Cut Costs While Still Maintaining Great Coverage

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How Employers Can Cut Costs While Still Maintaining Great Coverage Having a robust employee benefits package can make a big difference between a talented employee choosing to work with you or a more established competitor. However, with the cost of health benefits rising every year, it gets harder to provide a coverage package that can attract, motivate, and retain talented workers. According to a survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the health insurance cover is at $16, 834 for families and $6,025 for individuals annually. Many small businesses are unable to provide health...

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Five Companies With the Best Employee Benefits

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Five Companies With the Best Employee Benefits Employee benefits are most crucial when it comes to keeping employees on the team, increasing productivity and providing customers with the utmost satisfaction. Employees have a list of items that they look for when they go on the hunt for jobs. Some of the most common employee benefits that consumers seek are benefits such as: Health insurance Life insurance Paid vacation 401k Fitness discounts Employee meals Employee discounts The following is a list of five companies that have the best employee benefit out of the lot of them: 1....

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What’s New In Company Healthcare Plans

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What’s New In Company Healthcare Plans If you are fortunate enough to work for a company that provides health coverage, you may find that you’re taking that coverage for granted. And that can be a mistake. While an employer may assume the onus of healthcare costs, as an employee, you should be an informed partner in this plan, as well. You should understand whether your company’s can accommodate different medical conditions, or offers “one size fits all” coverage, for example. Will your company’s policy in fact be adequate for your particular health needs?...

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The Inner Workings of Corporate Insurance Policies-What You Need to Know

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A corporate is a business organization that undertakes activities that involve high liability risks. This means that insurance is a must for any corporate regardless of which line of business it operates in. As a result of this necessity, many insurance companies have insurance policies designed for corporate organizations. These policies are commonly listed under corporate insurance. What is Corporate Insurance Corporate insurance is a form of insurance coverage extended to large organizations to help cover certain operational risks such as accidents, financial losses, employee health...

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5 Money-Saving Employee Benefit Tips

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Offering employee benefits is invaluable for encouraging them to stay on board, but increasing expenses makes this difficult for small-business proprietors. Listed below are five tips which can help employers minimize costs while providing employee benefits.   1. HDHPs (High-Deductible Health Plans) and HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) This strategy minimizes costs by encouraging the employee to consider their own costs. HSAs enable people with high-deductible health plans to use employee tax funds to afford uncovered health care costs and roll unused funds over to the next year. You...

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